June 16, 2008

Digital Signing: new category for FC

A comment by Stephen Mason this morning caused me to realise that there is no digital signing category in FC. I have now added it, and you can see the link in the 'menu' section to the right of the main page, under Governance. Or click here.

Here's an older reference to an apparent application of digital signing of serious documents, spotted in the wild:

Great Lakes Educational Loan Services used an external e-signature service from DocuSign to help it deal with the flood of loan requests it gets around this time each year. It combined the service with its loan application system on its Web site. In the first two months, 80 percent of its 72,000 applicants used e-signatures, which cut its costs in this area by 75 percent, Musser said.

The rest of the article seems off-topic.

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