January 26, 2005

Poll predicts Instant Messaging to take over

In one piece of news, BlowSearch, an offerer of secured IM, gives "gold" users 4096-bit encryption, "silver" users 256-bit encryption and bronze users 56-bit encryption. That's comforting to know! (I couldn't find their URL so I guess we just have to feel safer now.) And in other news, rumour of Google's chat client, built around sharing photos! Finally, getting to the point, a Poll portends an IM takeover in the next few years:

Sage IM poll

Will Instant Messaging Take Over?

Sage Research and Messaging Pipeline both asked if instant messaging would become more important than e-mail for enterprise messaging. And the answer is . . .

By John Dickinson
Messaging Pipeline January 25, 2005

In Sage Research's latest "Market Pulse" which was published today, the company reported that 51% of its respondents believed that instant messaging will surpass e-mail as the preferred form of business communications within their organization. Another 41% did not think it would happen, and the rest had no opinion.

A recent Messaging Pipeline poll had similar results, with 51% believing that IM would become more important than e-mail, and 49% thinking that it would not. Both polls had about the same number of respondents and the question was formed in a similar fashion.

Sage's poll went a little deeper by asking respondents to speculate about the timeframe of such a switchover. Most, 23%, respondents who thought that IM would dominate thought it would happen within three years, while 12% thought it might happen in their organizations this year.

The jury is out, and you have to wonder if it isn't all about personal preferences rather than practical business and technology issues. In any case, it's an interesting set of trends, and well worth keeping an eye on.

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