October 21, 2018

ID Dox - now it's getting personal - Andreas spoofed

Writes Andreas Antonopolous, a noted Bitcoin commentator, that he has been impersonated with a mere scan!

More than anything else this points at the fallacy of Identity Documents as the God of our Identity. AA may very well be a victim of our penultimate post on cheap-as-chips scans of your identity.

What's becoming clear is that identity is garnering more attention. Unwittingly, orgs and peoples who thought they had this under control are being dragged into the quagmire caused by firstly the Internet, then the upheavals caused by the great financial crisis and the drugs wars, and finally the devil of all devils, blockchain. Where will it end?

Meanwhile, here comes The Award-Winning David G.W. Birch @dgwbirch another understated twitter persona with slides and solutions for your identity:

The Award-Winning David G.W. Birch @dgwbirch A Short, Strategic Comment on Digital Identity by @chyppings #authentication #authorisation slideshare.net/15Mb/a-short-s <- A short keynote for the Biometrics Congress in London. People liked it and asked for a copy so I've uploaded it to SlideShare.

I post this for debate not for endorsement ;-)

I'd also like to point out that it is unfortunate that <blockchain> is not a HTML entity, because that's what gets typed these days.

Posted by iang at October 21, 2018 10:02 PM

Biometric IDs are scary. El Chapo was extradited and hauled into U.S. court.

Fingerprints? They cut them off.

Iris/retina scans? They stab them out.

Voiceprint? It varies from common cold to throat cancer to polyps in the larynx, or being grabbed in the throat by a mobster.

DNA? There's a lady across the street thinks you're scary and wants you locked up away from her children, while some "expert witness" exempt from subpoena shows up in court and impresses the jury with a talk on DNA "match sites" and 1,000,000:1 odds.

Posted by: The Hive at November 15, 2018 07:40 PM
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