December 09, 2010

Teaching p2p? You betcha!

I have long held an opinion that the exciting work in Computer Science has been over in the p2p area. Now, Arnaud Legout writes about his course in p2p:


I have given a course on P2P for 4 years now, and I decided to release it publicly due to the lack of such a public resource.

I believe this course can be of interest to a large audience: developers of P2P protocols that want to better understand how it works, researchers that want a comprehensive introduction to the field, students that are looking for a document on the subject, etc.

This course is focused on P2P content replication with a very comprehensive part on BitTorrent. I also address some very important notions of distributed security. I usually give this course on seven lectures of 3 hours.

I put the slides of my course online (with a Creative Commons license BY-NC-SA, which means you can reuse anything as long as you give credit and don't make money out of it).

I recommend to download the PowerPoint version (PPTX), as the PDF version will not render the animations and the animated slides will look cluttered.

Of course, comments are highly welcomed.


Arnaud Legout.

You can contact him at arnaud.legout at inria dot fr. Happy learning!

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