June 10, 2006

Naked Payments III - the well-dressed bank

Bigmac writes: The next levels in scams (sorry, it's in single Dutch, translations welcome):

A very well setup advance fee scam where they not only had a fake ING website but actually two complete ING offices, next to real ING offices; one on schiphol, one close to the old headquarters (? don't know where).

Did you hear the one about the fake NEC factory in Taiwan? They just pretended to be NEC but actually sold product, did R&D, everything.

(The fake NEC factory was written up on Bruce Schneier's blog, I'll chase the link when I get back. Back in times long past, the Japanese went one better - they named a region Usa so they could stamp "MADE IN USA" on their packages. Life goes on in the IP theft department...)

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