May 31, 2005

IFCA's Discussion Maillist for Financial Cryptography

Hello and welcome to all on the IFCA discussion list.

As Ray posted this last weekend, he has invited me to take a more active role in the list. Although termed 'moderator' I would like to think of it is more of an encouraging role than moderating role.

To that end, I've added the IFCA discussion list to the notifications list on the Financial Cryptography blog that I keep at . This means that any blog posts will be forwarded to the list, one of which you will just have seen. On long term average, that's about one per day.

For those who follow the blog - this means we now have a more conventional forum on which to discuss the posts. We've all recognised that the blog's comment mechanism is less dynamic than a mail list, as we don't get to see other people's posts. Hopefully the IFCA discussion list will rectify that lack.

If you wish to subscribe or unsubscribe from the IFCA discussion list, here are the vital statistics as copied from every post:

> fc-discuss mailing list

Ray has installed the familiar MailMan interface which allows easy follow-your-nose administration. If you are subscribed to both you will see two copies each post, so let me know if you want to unsubscribe from the blog list (which is manually administered only).

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