May 01, 2005

HCI/security - start with Kerckhoffs' 6 principles

It seems that interest in the nexus at HCI (human computer interface) and security continues to grow (added ec fc1 fc2). For my money I'd say we should start at Kerckhoff's 6 principles. Now, unfortunately we have only the original paper in French, so we can only guess at how he derived his 6 principles.

Are there any French crypto readers out there who could have a go at translating this? Kerckhoffs was a Dutchman, and perhaps this means we need to find Dutch cryptographers who can understand all his nuances... Nudge, nudge...

(Ideally the way to start this, I suspect, is to open up a translation in a Wiki. Then, people can debate the various interpretations over an evolving document. Just a guess - but are there any infosec wikis out there?)

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