February 26, 2004

SSLBar + Fingerprints = GoogleCA

As a piece of cross-fertilisation from OpenPGP's fingerprint-based verification, Mister Lee has written a plugin called SSLBar that displays the fingerprint of a website certificate. I stumbled on this a while back, but didn't have a Mozilla browser. Now I have, and I've plugged it in!

After a few moment's thought as to who uses an SSL certificate (!) I went off to Verisign, and hey presto, their certificate has this fingerprint: 0f:a5:b0:52:7b:a9:8f:c6:62:76:ca:16:6b:a2:2e:44:a7:36:36:c9

One bug - I couldn't cut&paste the fingerprint, and had to type it in by hand.

Here's CACert's fingerprint: f6:20:2a:8d:ef:a4:e6:39:5d:b4:c5:fa:54:38:d6:04:6f:a0:74:e9

I'd encourage y'all to download and install the SSLBar, and check that these fingerprints are correct.

As the certs of CAs are by definition self-signed, then, according to their own doctrine, we need some trusted third party to check they are valid. We could wait until they start cross-signing, or we could just start a web of trust for them!

(As an aside, here is CACert's root certificate: 135C EC36 F49C B8E9 3B1A B270 CD80 8846 76CE 8F33 ... I managed to cut&paste that one from the website, after confirming it by eyeball.)

Now, it occurs to me that if we send enough copies of these cert fingerprints around, in the various posts to various lists, then one could use google to clarify the correct cert for each site. This is a trick I learnt from the gold community - it seems that banks don't know their ABA and SWIFT numbers, but their customers do, and google will tell you.

If, for example, Mozilla (SSLBar) were to take further the notion that customers know more, then it could automatically google for the www.verisign.com and then count up the number of occurrences of the fingerprint. This would give a confidence level as to the validity of the cert.

Hey presto, GoogleCA!

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