February 14, 2004

Workshop on Sensitive Data

July, 2004, Stanford, California

This workshop is intended to foster collaborations between computer scientists who seek to enhance the security and privacy of sensitive data about people and organizations and domain experts in fields that need technological solutions to address customer concerns and to fulfill legal obligations. The goal is to formulate specific technical problems that are important to user communities that deal with large amounts of sensitive but are not satisfactorily solved by current

PORTIA Workshop on Sensitive Data in Medical, Financial, and Content-Distribution Systems

July 8-9, 2004
Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center, Stanford University, Stanford CA

A half-day will be spent on each of three domains:

1) Medicine, in which advances in computing and communication technology can enhance treatment and research but can also threaten patient privacy. This session will include an invited presentation by Dr. Daniel Masys, Director of Biomedical Informatics at the UCSD Medical School (http://medicine.ucsd.edu/faculty/masys/).

2) Financial services, in which vast amounts of transaction data are routinely stored and transmitted, but individuals and firms are deeply concerned about security and privacy, and complex legal requirements apply. This session will include an invited presentation by Dr. Daniel Schutzer, Vice President, Director of External Relations and Emerging Technologies in Information Security and Compliance at Citigroup.

3) Digital content distribution, in which rights holders and libraries seek distribution systems that simultaneously obey copyright law, respect user privacy, and permit legitimate user profiling, usage
monitoring, and data mining.

There will also be one half-day devoted to technological challenges common to all domains and user communities that deal with large amount of sensitive data. Activities will include invited presentations, contributed presentations, and break-out sessions.

Workshop Co-Chairs:
Joan Feigenbaum (Yale University)
Vitaly Shmatikov (SRI)
Vicky Weissman (Cornell University)

Important Dates:
May 1, 2004: Submissions due
May 1, 2004: Requests for travel support due
June 1, 2004: Accept/reject decisions sent
June 15, 2004: Final abstracts due
July 8-9, 2004: Workshop

Submission Instructions:
If you would like to speak at this workshop, please send a 1- to 2-page abstract of your proposed talk by May 1, 2004 to pw-org@csl.sri.com. If your submission is accepted, you will be expected to provide a final version of your abstract for posting on the workshop website by June 15, 2004. Links to complete papers may also be posted at the speakers' request but are not required.

Travel Support:
A modest amount of travel support is available. If you would like to attend this workshop but require travel support in order to do so, please contact pw-org@csl.sri.com by May 1, 2004.

This workshop is sponsored by the National Science Foundation's ITR program through the PORTIA project on sensitive data (http://crypto.stanford.edu/portia).

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