February 11, 2004

GoldMoney hits the Tonne

Goldmoney, a DGC with strong governance and strong growth, announced it had reached a metric tonne in mass of gold in accounts. That's about $13.2m worth, or about €10.3m at today's spot prices.

It also announced 10,000 customers in 100 countries.

Goldmoney's growth has been consistent at about 4 times per year for the last year. If it maintains this rate of growth, it will take over prime position from e-gold sometime around the middle of 2004, measured by mass of gold.

Other measures - primarily the number and size of transactions - are not reported byDGCs other than e-gold, the current market leader. The provision of detailed gold bar reports and statistics is necessitated by good governance practices, something that doesn't apply so clearly to transaction statistics.

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