July 05, 2007

Metricon 2.0 -- Boston, 7.Aug.2007 -- talks announced

Gunnar Peterson writes The agenda for Metricon 2.0 in Boston August 7th has been set. Metricon is co-located with Usenix security conference. The details, travel info, registration, and agenda are here.

There are a limited number of openings so please REGISTER SOON if interested in attending. A summary of the presentations:

  • "Do Metrics Matter?"
  • "Security Meta Metrics--Measuring Agility, Learning, and Unintended
  • "Security Metrics in Practice: Development of a Security Metric System to
    Rate Enterprise Software"
  • "A Software Security Risk Classification System"
  • "Web Application Security Metrics"
  • "Operational Security Risk Metrics: Definitions, Calculations, and
  • "Metrics for Network Security Using Attack Graphs: A Position Paper"
  • "Software Security Weakness Scoring"
  • "Developing secure applications with metrics in mind"
  • "Correlating Automated Static Analysis Alert Density to Reported Vulnerabilities in Sendmail"

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