August 25, 2006

SHA1 weakened further in new attacks

The move away from SHA1 gained momentum:

Researchers of the Krypto group of the IAIK succeeded in constructing a collision for a simplified variant of the standard hash function SHA-1. The simplified variant differs from the standard only in the number of iterations of the step functions that is used: 64 instead of 80. The previously best result was a collision for a variant with 58 iterations, first shown by Wang et al. in 2005.

Heise was first to report (in German and now on their English site) about what I guess is their paper presented at Crypto2006.

If you are wondering just where we are on SHA-1 usage and a replacement, CAcert have a page on compatibility of various certificate based distros to SHA-256 and SHA-512. All CAs are at the mercy of the application distributors to keep up with security developments.

It's not looking good for a move from SHA-1 just yet for certificates... People who didn't take account of the now 2-year-old presentations by Prof Wang include those still on OpenSSL 0.9.7 (FreeBSD, NetBSD, Apple Mac OSX, and OpenBSD themselves!). A rare black mark for the BSD family.

I'll adjust this post as more comes in, and bear in mind that it will take days for the paper to be analysed and summarised. Also note that this time last year, Wang and friends presented a 63 bit attack, and some observers jumped the gun to say it was "broken" .... the message is still the same, SHA-1 is no longer Pareto-complete, which means you have to now analyse whether it suits your application, you can't simply assume it is good for all applications.

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