May 24, 2006

CFP - W. Economics of Securing the Information Infrastructure

The Workshop on the Economics of Securing the Information Infrastructure

October 23-24, 2006 Washington, DC


Our information infrastructure suffers from decades-old vulnerabilities, from the low-level algorithms that select communications routes to theapplication-level services on which we are becoming increasingly dependent. Are we investing enough to protect our infrastructure? How can we best overcome the inevitable bootstrapping problems that impede efforts to add security to this infrastructure? Who stands to benefit and who stands to lose as security features are integrated into these basic services? How can technology investment decisions best be presented to policymakers?

We invite infrastructure providers, developers, social scientists, computer scientists, legal scholars, security engineers, and especially policymakers to help address these and other related questions. Authors of accepted papers will have the opportunity to present their work to government and corporate policymakers. We encourage collaborative research from authors in multiple fields and multiple institutions.

Submissions Due: August 6, 2006 (11:59PM PST)

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