June 26, 2005

Advances in Financial Cryptography - Volume Two

Our experiment in peer-reviewed, pre-review continues. Advances in Financial Cryptography, Number Two is here! This issue is strong on Software Engineering as both Nick and Mark discuss software constructs amenable to constructing Rights systems. Accounting also makes a rare appearance in a battle between crypto and double entry bookkeeping.

Mark Stiegler, An Introduction to Petname Systems
Nick Szabo, Scarce Objects
Ian Grigg, Triple Entry Accounting

Our mission is to solicit comments, feedback, and criticism from peers in the financial cryptography community in order to polish these documents for wider publication. To that end there will be 3 blog entries following, each with the abstract of the paper concerned. You can comment directly on the blog, or at a pinch mail the author directly.

#1 was a success, earning 12 comments that otherwise would not have been found. Thanks to all the critics out there and keep the pen sharpened.

I'm now on the hunt for articles for FC++ #3 so get working on those drafts, folks! The acceptance criteria is pretty open - if it is FC and it's got something valuable to say, let's try it out.

For those who wish to link to FC++ and pick up all the advances without the rest of the blog, use this URL: https://www.financialcryptography.com/mt/archives/cat_fc.html which will get you the category including all articles. Note that you can drop the https if you are annoyed at the cert popups!

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