January 12, 2004

Dutch Retail Payments

Long time comrade from the dynamic payments market of the Netherlands, Simon Lelieveldt, runs a blog on Dutch retail payments at
to brand and establish his growing consultancy business.

Simon worked for the Dutch Central Bank (DNB - De Nederlands Bank) for time immemorial in the electronic payments area. It's no exaggeration to say that the Dutch market was possibly the original melting pot for electronic payments - they were the most advanced in smart card money, and DigiCash BV was based there. It is maybe one country of a very few where everyone has a smart card money product (although use remains low) and has serious competition in non-bank payments products.

This core background led Simon on to the BIS Task Force on the Security of Electronic Money - their blue report was notably one of the very few documents produced by regulators that was worth chopping trees down for.

FCers will recall he was one of the key note speakers in Anguilla, 1997 , representing all of the Central Banks.

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