Comments: Oddly good news week: Google announces a Caps library for Javascript

some capability based trivia ... repeated here

some earlier work on capability based infrastructure was the Gnosis done starting in the 70s by Tymshare. Tymshare had a vm370-based commercial, online timesharing system

When Tymshare was bought by M/D, Gnosis was spun off as KeyKOS (disclaimer, I was brought in to audit Gnosis as part of the spin-off) Other trivia, M/D sold off Tymshare's TYMNET to B/T.

KeyKOS Documentation webpage

other efforts that grew out of KeyKOS:

EROS: The Extremely Reliable Operating System

CapROS: The Capability-based Reliable Operating System

which has this reference back to KeyKOS

The Coyotos Secure Operating System

from Coyotos history page ...

Coyotos is the successor to the EROS system, which is in turn the successor to the KeyKOS system. Since the system inherits 30 years of prior research and development history, it seems appropriate to briefly describe some of that history and the prople who contributed to it.

... snip ...

more from Coyotos history page ...

My own contact with this work came in 1990. As a co-founder of HaL computer systems, I became involved in evaluating various operating system platforms for use by HaL. In 1990, UNIX robustness wasn't great, and we hoped to find something that would be largely operator free and highly robust. Key Logic made a presentation to us about KeyKOS. For reasons that were largely political, HaL decided not to gamble on KeyKOS, but I became convinced that KeyKOS offered something worthwhile.

... snip ...

for other trivia, the "H" in "HaL" had been head of the austin workstation division (in an earlier life, for a time, I had been his only direct report) and the "L" had come from SUN.

there use to be a joke in the valley that there were only 200 people in the business ... they kept moving around, so it just appeared like there were more.

Posted by Lynn Wheeler at November 11, 2007 11:03 AM

Caja also refers to cashboxes.

Caja chica = petty cash
Caja fuerte = safe
Caja registradora = cash register

Posted by Hasan at November 12, 2007 11:18 AM

Glad to hear everyone is heading in the same general direction.

Posted by Jim at November 13, 2007 10:12 AM

seems like even Second Life into that ;)

Posted by A.T. at November 23, 2007 08:23 PM
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