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Thanks for your insightful comments.

We designed IronKey to be the most secure flash drive available. This involved hardware, firmware and software. We do want to hear ideas about next-generation data protection to protect files after the IronKey is unlocked. This treads into the realm of DRM, which we are interested in making easy and convenient.

We setup as a place for people to share their ideas, criticisms and thoughts about how we can improve the IronKey.

At IronKey we wrote threat models for all crypto components prior to designing the security technology. These design documents span data encryption, USB channel encryption, key management, and related areas.

On the marketing side, we have invested a lot of time and effort in developing the system. We recognize that the "public" cannot tell the difference between snake oil and the real thing. This is why we sent Beta devices to over 300 security professionals for evaluation, and why we are engaged in this forum and our own to discuss ideas and answer questions.

We hope that we've struck a decent balance between technical disclosure of threat models and technical architecture, and marketing materials to address both the sales and technology angles.

Thanks for reading,

Dave @ IronKey

Posted by Dave_IronKey at September 15, 2007 10:15 PM
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