Comments: "Micropayments for Peer-to-Peer Systems"

What is this aspect? I guess this means I'm not a Ricardo afficiando. Anyway, I wonder if Ricardo would scale down to the p2p packets that PPay (and Mojo Nation, and Digital Silk Road) were about.

Posted by Zooko at March 19, 2004 09:54 AM

The aspect is the p2p issuance. Ricardo scales down to a tenth or a hundredth of a penny, happily, and has done so from time to time. The main difficulty is that there isn't really an economic case for a payment as small as a hundredth of a penny. Consider - someone or some thing has to make a thousand of them, just to send a buck. And, that's without considering profits!

I wish I knew more about Mojo Nation ...

Posted by Iang at March 19, 2004 07:31 PM
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