Comments: Threatwatch - bots, selling Ameritradelity, all your DNS belong to US

There is no fix since the accounts seem to be easily broken into and robbed. Investigators aside the whole lot should have been thrown out once it was known to be flawed. As is the case with credit cards the acceptable loss is passed on the owner of the account with no rolling back liability to the service provider. It stands to logic that pirates will grow in numbers, becoming highly specialized without the need to sell the accounts. The consolidation of pirates is our only hope, it will make for an easy one stop bribe. Now thats the ticket a bribe market that liasions with the pirates . So kind of an alert service with a ransom for accounts rescued from the pirates. It could prove to be a robust market with trusted ransom experts working with the best pirates.

Posted by Jimbo at April 1, 2007 10:01 PM
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