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This was an article posted to a private group (AWOFTAM) in 2003:

This was a short conversation I had with John Caswell about the problem of content management of video information. The first point addressed is the issue of metadata.


Take a look at this life changing document - it's a software system which automatically generates metadata from multimedia content:

Salient point - look for the Tony Blair picture

Using tbe Bazaar Effect
----------------------- was started by cd rippers to store track titles etc - these were then picked up by programs and used to automatically id3 tag them ( - hence solving the metadata issue. Then some smart guys realised there was a business there - and so was born.

I wonder if the same thing could happen for video content? Especially for older content - nostalgiavision. Maybe you could give the content away - providing the users generate the metadata for you? How do you make cash - easy - personalised silos which can stream content to 3G phones - you can store/configure all your favourites and stream them at your leisure - like a virtual multimedia TiVo for 3G phones.

Mp3's are still popular - but the thing that most people are downloading is avi files (avi is a generic wrapper format) - mostly porn - but also a deal of music videos. The only trouble is bandwidth - it takes tooo long to download - now if this isn't the ideal usage of broadband...

Personal Silos

A lot of linux geeks have personal silos already - with many gigs of mp3's and now video. They use mp3 streaming software which integrates with apache - classic LAMP architecture (Linux/Apache/mySQL/Perl).

This needs to be commercialised IMHO.

Golden Oldies

Led zeppelin have just released a 5 vid dvd set, genesis tribute bands trail the land - what's going on? well - there's a lot of 30/40/50 somethings who want to retain/recapture their youth - and especially the music. The old formats
did not stand the test of time.

Streaming video/audio content to 3G is the killer app. But it can't be paid for by the byte - what you like is more valuable than what you buy - go figure...


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