Comments: ThreatWatch - markets in loss, Visa's take, 419 "chairmen"

So what’s a market for? The demand and supply of goods that have a perceived value In a sense these exchanges may very well be fake and have at their core an illusion to make a value appear to be more real. Since why would anyone entertain a market or the selling of a value if they could exploit themselves? The value is questionable and has the air of scandal. If I where to tell people there are drone machines on broadband and emails then I should be able to phish or scam the same machines and emails myself. The specialization and advanced economic mechanism called a market place is unwarranted and appears to be a trap. Can I buy emails for $ per million? Yes. Can I buy machines for masking my IP ? Yes. Can I afford to develop a Phishing page that appears to be the same as a bank? Can I safely buy emails, machines, and Phishing pages from unknown entities? No. The over supply of raw material for Phishing suggest that the only ones doing it now are the ill informed that will buy from market places. The good ones are never sold to the public and are working currently. The bad ones are cast off in pieces or in whole to the market place creating a potential flow of transactions to hide the professionals trail. It would be interesting to see if the professional uses the marketplace as a means of having retail buyers activity hide the original activity. Copycats in whole or part are useful to the professional and make it harder to capture since the static cloaks the genesis.

Posted by Jimbo at May 23, 2006 07:44 AM

a couple years ago a study was published claiming that 70percent of identity theft involved insiders. so in much the same way that the amateurs provide cover for the professionals ... all the attention placed on intrustion prevention and outsider countermeasures can cloak the activities of the insiders.

at some point embezzlement and things like the S&L crisis represented more of a threat to financial institutions than the guys with guns.

old post discussing the S&L crisis (among other things)

Posted by Lynn Wheeler at May 23, 2006 07:52 PM
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