Comments: 4th April, 1984

I consider my recent rant about digital certificates has some similarities with regard to various kinds of corruption of what something actually means.

digital certificates are a type of certificate/credential that is just one way of representing some certification of some fact or other information.

however, in some situations the meaning of certificate/credentials have been corrupted to the point that they take on a meaning all by themselves ... as opposed to just being one form of representing something. I've frequently used the phenonama of diplomas cranked out by diploma mills as one such example. The possession of a piece of parchment can take on a life of its own, totally independent of what the piece of parchment was originally intended to represent.

this may be a major contributing factor behind the existing browser SSL compromise scenarios, any valid SSL certificate and the associate closed padlock appears to have taken on meaning totally independent of the actual certified information/facts/process that the certificates supposedly represent.

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Posted by Lynn Wheeler at April 4, 2006 04:12 PM

"Other examples of information war listed in the report include the creation of “Truth Squads” to provide public information when negative publicity, such as the Abu Ghraib torture scandal, hits US operations, and the establishment of “Humanitarian Road Shows”, which will talk up American support for democracy and freedom."


Posted by Daniel A. Nagy at April 4, 2006 05:46 PM

I suppose I should point out that what inspired me to type in the above quote was the discovery of 100% bona fide doublespeak in a case somewhat close to FC.

Although I try to keep politics out of it, it is becoming harder to ignore the, er, leadership being shown in some political circles. If trends are any guide, we are entering a new age of doubleplusunreality, and we'll be back to the good old days of selling trust in bits and certificates of your own personality back to you.

Posted by Iang at April 4, 2006 06:13 PM

I leave because i want to say to you,and to all the world,that the reality of 1984 is now our awful truth...
Please visit my web(it is in spanish because that's my native language, OPEN YOUR EYES, the big brother has no particular preference for any language or country,it is in Spain,also in Germany,also in U.K, it's in Chile, and in Mexico,my country...)

Posted by LIORETT etàge at April 29, 2006 01:06 AM
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