Comments: Threatwatch - sigint by Hezbollah, nyms by torture units, closed source weaponry

> In a related episode, Washington DC discovered around the
> same timeframe that there may be an issue with the Boeing
> 787, so they have asked Boeing to not hand over any
> military or secret related material to the Chinese.
> Whoops, too late, it turns out the wing is being
> manufactured in China ... for those who don't know,
> in avionics terms, the wing is the prize as it is the
> one component that limits and dominates everything
> else, design wise.

and John Boyd was responsible for a lot of modern plane
design techniques ... and trading off various flight
operational characteristics.

I've recently been scanning some of his old briefings
from the early 80s and using them was background
for my boyd URLs

misc. past postings mentioning boyd

misc. URLs from around the web mentioning boyd

Posted by Lynn Wheeler at September 20, 2006 10:40 AM
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