Comments: More dots than you or I can understand (Internet Threat Level is Systemic)

The lack of responsible behavior on the part of the public community is to blame pure and simple. Everybody wants a big brother someone who will pick up the tab carry the weight and allow the burden to be moved forward. A Wall Street story serves a purpose here "Where are all the customers yachts?" I ask where are all the programmers, systems designers, and crypto folkís yachts? The answer is simple there are none to be found. They have spent their valuable commodity producing cherished assets that they quickly threw before swine in the service of universities and corporations that manipulated the structures to satisfy their lust. Now we look at bad guys and say what going on here why everything so screwed up is? Wake up you fools there are more bad guys with resources the Peoples Liberation Army has a larger programming staff than Microsoft and the whole of India. Armed with source code this massive effort will cripple the whole of our world in minutes if not seconds rendering their ability to project power into the systems and networks that have become our life line to each other. Think about the gathering storm of threats from organized crime and how easily they are achieved. Think about how easily Enron executives manipulated the accounting standards to paint earnings. Think about how far from perfection the knowable discrete information required to access an enemy capability is. Think about a nation that has made one of the richest corporation remove Tibet from the map of the world. Now that we know nothing we need to discover and assess the threats previously un-thought of and craft solutions. But first the real hard question is who we are and who do we cooperate with? An absolute refusal to use anything Microsoft is the first step; a second step might be not to deal with corporations that promise to do no evil but choose to accept the genocide of a people by erasing a nation on its world maps this is evil. Google, Microsoft, Walmart, Enron, and others have your assets in their scope of acquisition and we must deny them access to our civilization and culture. We must make the hard choice to fight against tyranny and cooperation with the Peoples Republic of China is un-acceptable and uncivilized. Iím an American which probably makes me a suspect in any call to arms or collective activity, but I assure you that if a community with or without Americans or myself is not formed to protect assets that are vital to the continuation of our culture we are all doomed and if it is not significant enough in its efforts and scope the results will be the same. This is Pre World War Three right now and if an effective opposition can be mustered now on this limited front then acts of aggression maybe be thwarted and not encouraged. A secret society must be created to divert the resources currently used to sustain and perpetuate the monopoly of tyrants over our lives. Secret is the key no blog can contain and address the threat. We have been compromised to a great extent already. The craft of becoming more secret is the key not open discourse we are in a theartre of burning people expounding upon the wonderful heat as they melt before our eyes. Hiding the threat and exploiting for our own needs is the answer rather than inform the already compromised entities we should seek to compete with the elements of the dark forces and in this manner confront them and remove them. We will have become just like them the most feared status of those that have been victimized by an enemy. That is also a mistake we must become worse than them and make our threat a fear inspiring message. We must become the Ubber Crackers tormenting their every moment attack attack attack is the only order when confronted with a threat defense is a lost cause and an open society that is free to discovery a myth that never emerged.

Posted by jimbo at February 19, 2006 09:24 AM

>What is recursive DNS?

where you a DNS server queries where a domain is by querying the whole chain of servers:

ie client -> recursive server -> root server -> .gtld/cctld server -> registry server -> authoritive server

The registry server may not be part of the chain and there may be additional servers in the path as chain of delegation is searched.

The "infamous" wikipedia description is a bit longer and accurate:

There is an interesting paper that graphically shows how it works, but I am unsure as to how they justify some of their conclusions. The data is also a bit old now - particularly in regard to vulnerabilities in the DNS server software and installations, however the datapoints are very interesting and worth a read.

1) Emin Gun Sirer, Cornell U. on DNS vulnerabilities

Meanwhile on the subject of ISP attacks this is an interesting overview:

2) Danny McPherson with an updated Infrastructure Security Survey Overview

This is from Nanog in October 2005 - some interesting statistics, and a Real media stream is available.

Posted by fm at February 19, 2006 11:05 AM
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