Comments: GP2 - Growth and Fraud - Instructing Security at GP

The implied security prior to formalization from a business standpoint is always present and the investment beyond what is foreseen within the implied security will never be sold or funded beyond the shock and awe type sale. So Mr. X buys ribbons from Mr. Y they come in and if Mr. X likes what he sees Mr. Y gets paid. Until one day Mr. X decides to see what happens if he tells Mr. Y that the cardboard box was empty and since there are no ribbons Mr. Y will not be paid. Mr. X is telling a lie and Mr. Y knows this because he packed the box with the ribbons himself. The boundaries have eroded between these two merchants based on a fraud being committed against Mr. Y. The solution needs to be derived by the injured party so Mr. Y implements a signed receipt and bill of laiding policy and never accepts and order from Mr. X again without prepayment. If Mr. X keeps pulling the same trick on other ribbon merchants information might pass from merchant to merchant and a network of untrustworthy X type people is circulated. We have a defensive response that has used a cultural tool of passing important information against a common enemy. The first instance of security being needed was caused by a loss and the expansion of that security to include a more advanced method of a circulated list was caused by more losses.
The first question to ask prior to designing a security response to a threat is what is the merciless kick between the legs that will render you useless? Addressing the nightmare is always fun and reveals the imagined threat from the real one. What if scenarios are always fun if the participants are symmetrical in nature and transactional behavior. The next series of examinations must address the asymmetrical attack scenarios like advanced participants taking advantage over less advanced. It is my experience that a lesser funded brokerage firm must always ask beg and demand proper payment from a more well funded one. At the same time well funded brokers always ask for extra special favors and demand bargains with little or no treatment in kind. In this sense the standards of practice in the United States are upside down the banks sells you goods but does not deliver yet all the customer receives is accusations against their intelligence. Microsoft sell snake oil and highly suspect software but it is the consumer that poor dum slob of a user that messes everything up. By implementing a campaign against the injured party US participants in commerce have stopped a security response by those they hurt. The culture of kicking the guy while he is down and lifting him up based upon an arbitrary need to look virtuous has rendered the discussion of security useless in the this culture and as it spreads variants they infest other cultures and has evolved into more complex structures and even improved. The globalization of fraudulent practices is advancing to the level that security is questioned as a proper response rather than simply passing the ball around. As a result there are no more medium sized brokerage firms, no middle class, no affordable housing, no reasonable value for money spent on food, and no educated population to respond. We are lost in the tyranny of the consumed society one that is eaten from the inside out starting with the soul. So the issue is what is the cost effective manner to implement a security design from within an established business? I think that what sells is what will be done and that is tied to the arbitrary nature of the fates so when it becomes sexy to be secure or at least claim to be then money will be spent with no regard for the reward. I expect that any day a Czar will be proclaimed at Micronoodle and declare security to be the number one priority and they will brand the shit of it. You will think one Micronoodle and security within a fraction of a second. So how will Micronoodle achieve this lofty task , it is simple they will lie about it. Once the beating up of the consumer proves to be uneconomical they will create posse composed of those same consumers to ferret out the bad people and Sheriff Bill will clean up Dodge City. Micronoodle will create a parade and lead the band of course after someone else has thought of it and shown it works. So get your rope ready for a hanging and grease up the old tuba where gonna have a hanging and a brass band show all in one as soon as Google starts to create public forums for reported theft of id, child porn, stock manipulation, and whatever else comes along. John Wayne did not appear as a major movie star until after the World Wars and the demographic was composed of those that did not serve. Battle envy so expect your best buddy on the net to see chance to be the Micronoodle undercover agent of the month by reporting you for using another name to sign in with so no one knows your id and watch this get taken to a level of insanity that knows no bounds. Security is the next big boom and it will be a bursting bubble so jump on board and forget about logical assumptions its time to sell snake oil to the masses let Brother Bill lead the way.

Posted by Jim Nesfield at December 13, 2005 08:02 PM
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