Comments: Google to do a payments system?

Are there more specifics?

It is not just the banks, but also MC, Visa and AmEx. Remember when VISA threatened not to take Paypal charges? PayPal sank like a rock.

Google has other revenue streams and could ride it out being a "premium" service (American Express) and there is no reason they could not send out their own credit card. wrt my other comment, the only thing that credit companies have now to stop fraud is analysis of past behavior on old accounts and prevention of new fraudulent account creation. Google has nothing special in the second case, but in the first case Google probaly does have been algorithms.

Google payment does nto entirely alter the MS situation. The company was found a monopoly. Are they going to integrate their wallet with the desktop? It is not just the bad after taste of their ill-founded SET clone that prevents MS entry.

Thanks for the pointers. I had stopped using Paypal and have been waiting for Google to step up to the plate. Paypal demands my banking information as opposed to a credit card. I think not. Let's see how the guys at Google handle the interplay between identity and money.


Posted by L Jean Camp at June 20, 2005 02:46 PM
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