Comments: A shortcut for bootstrapping trust

(Zooko posts on cap-talk:)

> The idea that it could be released when people express feelings of trust was
> first raised in 2003, but this research is the first attempt to show that
> increasing the amount of the hormone present in the body could directly
> influence the extent that one person trusts another.

This news article has been widely mentioned on blogs and the like, usually under the "lighthearted" category. I would suggest that it is not a lighthearted topic at all. If our access control tools are intended to be used by flesh-and-blood humans, then the results from neuroeconomics deserve to be considered.

Here is a survey that I stumbled upon but haven't read:

(found with this search:)

Conversely, those whose goal is to influence humans to do things against the (rational) interests of the actor but in the interests of the influencer are a step ahead of us:

> "The scenario may be rather too close to reality for comfort, but those with
> such fears should note that current marketing techniques - for political and
> other products - may well exert their effects through the natural release of
> molecules such as oxytocin in response to well-crafted stimuli."



Posted by Zooko at June 3, 2005 09:28 AM

Excellent! I'd recommend this URL over the above one:

Posted by Iang at June 3, 2005 09:31 AM
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