Comments: A further challenge to Strong Identity - Nerve Coupled Cooperating Humans

A really great one here. I have just finished a hard days work of the manual variety and after reading this would appreciate an implant that could be linked to a machine with more power.

I imagine that as the economics of making boats becomes more advanced the custom building from a cold mold will allow for more implants to execute the task. The issue at hand is the economics versus the quality of the process. A finely manufactured boat can be made either by custom molding by hand - the expensive kind - or by factory molds with assembly lines. The assembly lines if properly tooled and machined will produce a superior product to the hand built /but/ you cannot afford the tooling if you are building one of a kind.

The economics of small runs on an automated basis require computers to achieve sucess. These implants could bridge the divide between the expensive tooling and the custom builder. By merging the manual process to machine accuracy the economics of a highly skilled person with a good rate of pay might be achieved rather than hundreds of poorly paid people building luxury boats.

Posted by Jimbo at November 16, 2004 08:32 AM
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