Comments: Banking - licensed to cheat! And whether you'll get away with it.

Research: Bankers and the Religious Will Lie for Money
Bankers have tendency to lie for financial gain, say scientists,Authorised=false.html?
Study: Religious more likely to lie for financial gain
Business culture in banking industry favors dishonest behavior
Study Finds Banking Industry May Spark Dishonest Behavior
Deception counts
Modern accounts are instruments of deception
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Abdication of Regulatory Oversight of Large Banks
'The most dishonest bankers walk away with the most money'
Trader Describes How Dishonesty Pays in Finance, Big Time
Corporate Fraud and Misconduct Risks Driven by Pressure to do 'Whatever It Takes'; Fewer episodes reported by companies with ethics and compliance programs

Of more than 5,000 U.S. workers polled this summer, 74 percent said they had personally observed misconduct within their organizations during the prior 12 months, unchanged from the level reported by KPMG survey respondents in 2005. Roughly half (46 percent) of respondents reported that what they observed "could cause a significant loss of public trust if discovered," a figure that rises to 60 percent among employees working in the banking and finance industry.

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If the overall avg. is 46percent and the financial industry is 60 percent, then the non-financial avg may be as low as 30percent ... making the financial industry twice as bad as other industries

Posted by Lynn Wheeler at November 21, 2014 01:45 AM
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