Comments: H4.4 - No Committees! (sorry, too late for OAuth)

As an aside, there is also an emerging consensus about committee-protocolism as being the wrong way to go about industrial-scale security. Note Adam Langley's remark:

"So, for new primitives, you may want to produce solid
implementations for different platforms to seed the
implementation ecosystem. Not just reference
implementations, but ones that are good enough that
they dominate the set of implementations. For example,
if I specify curve25519 in a protocol, I can be pretty
sure that everyone is going to be using djb's reference
code. That's a major advantage."

It's about simplifying the engineering of cryptoplumbing so we can get to the point where one person can create the majority of the implementation. Reliably.

Posted by Iang (commenting on Adam Langley's comments) at March 7, 2013 03:02 AM
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