Comments: Why Central Banking will fail in the next N years -- and how Central Bankers might prepare us for it.

The days of Banks controlling the money supply are coming to en end. mPESA and paymatiQ are the next generation of banking. For too long, Governments and Banks have been used to managing the money supply and treating investors and borrowers very badly, but if 'The People' decide and are willing to accept a different monetary unit of accounting, then the Banks will have a major problem on their hands. Simply imposing a ban on alternative monetary units will not work if The People decide that they want to change whom they are willing to trust.

As it is, the current banks have screwed the system to their own advantage, with the result that investors have had to lose the value of their investment through the Banks imprudent money management, and with the final insult, expect all banking account holders to bail them out of their problems at the account holders expense.

Frankly, Bank Investors and Bank Account Holders are the innocent parties but they have not seen the Bank's Directors, hung, drawn and quartered, a fate they all should have suffered, which just goes to show that the government and the banks directors are far to close for the account holders own good. Changes are coming.

Posted by RayW at December 28, 2012 05:09 PM
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