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You forget to mention another use for the fake passport site.

It is a conveniant place for people to go look at images of the various nations passports.

With regards to fake passports the price of ~100/year is actually not unreasonable if viewed as a simple expense...

However there are a number of issues with most fake passports in that they have a medium length shelf life, and thus a renewal issue arises wich almost invariably means going and finding a new "supplier" which might involve considerable extra expense you do not include in your price guide.

[There are by the way techniques you can use to get a passport in a different name from a different country quite within the rules of the countries concerned which obviates the problem as you can renew it]

There is also another issue with fakes if you use one for opening a bank account or even bying a mobile phone (Yup the UK's "Carphone warehouse" used to insist on it) they photocopy the ID page...

And of course in more recent times the RFID and bio-metrics have made things a tads more difficult for the suppliers of fakes as oposed to clones.

But if you have the time the only document you realy require is a "Birth certificate" and for obvious reasons (all babies look like Winston Churchill ;) it is actually not tied in any way to an individual thus is easily transferable, and as it does not expire and copies are relativly easy to obtain perhaps the best document to start with...

Posted by Clive Robinson at June 2, 2010 12:10 AM

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Posted by Fake Passports at August 24, 2011 03:05 AM
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