Comments: Bowles case is more evidence: Britain takes another step to a hollowed-out state

"Bonuses for lawyers who seize criminal assets 'risk undermining justice'"

"The confiscation targets are also being increased year by year: the target for this year is a total of 4,743 confiscation orders across England and Wales, with a value of £106 million.

The organisation, which obtained confiscation orders totalling £116 million in the courts last year, also benefits in recouping 18.5 per cent of the money seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act. The rest goes to the police and other justice departments.
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For the past four years targets have been exceeded: last year’s was for more than 4,400 confiscation orders, with 4,717 actually achieved. The £116 million seized was against a target of £109 million. "

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Posted by darren (Bonuses for Lawyers) at December 11, 2009 03:24 AM
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