Comments: Google and Finance 2.0? Nope, sorry. They lack the competency of demythicalisation.

Dear Billion Dollar Consumerism Driven Advertising Giant,

Please deliver me from the evil of the Giant Banking Complex. I think the search is the answer.

Your so cool,


No, but seriously, Google has good data analytics and Google Checkout is a fine product. However, financial contracts need enforcement, identity work, etc - hard people problems, not web tech. Google's data sources and search might become a big part of how future financial services are bought and used. (Witness them muscling in on rate tables with Google Compare). But I can't see Google entering, say insurance or retail banking, even as a broker.

Amazon, on the other hand, do have the call centres and the experience.......

Posted by Thomas Barker at November 23, 2009 05:01 PM

"Slowly, the knowledge inches its way up to the level needed to appreciate and duplicate the work of the early pioneers "...

Doesn't seem to be borne out by the rest of the post..

We should all just, like, let GHQ give us a 'unified' logon from our Google id to all our online banking accounts and, you know, just let THEM handle all the work from there... Search, find, buy anything, anywhere, anyhow dude!

And I refuse to add any emot-icons to state that I'm not serious...

"After all, markets are just search engines remember?"

No I don't, tempted to go over to the blog and, you know, just...

Posted by AC2 at November 25, 2009 04:43 AM

OK I went and did it... My comment (as AC2) on the blog now, don't know for how long though!!

Posted by AC2 at November 25, 2009 05:06 AM

"What's interesting about bills of exchange is that they're just, well, information"
- True, about as much as your driving license/ credit card is just a piece of plastic...

-- from AC2's comment

That's awesome!

Posted by Thomas Barker at November 26, 2009 08:47 AM

Who's afraid of Tesco Bank?



Posted by Thomas Barker at December 3, 2009 08:29 PM
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