Comments: Man-in-the-Browser goes to court

The Urizone sounds like a trojan with a long term plan perhaps it's withdrawal scenario can present a learning curve for taxation specialist ie determining how much to take before creating despair. Of course any disputed transaction will alert the fraud investigation group after the fact and if they lack the resolve to follow these instances without automated detection assistance then it is their loss in either customer satisfaction or real money. It does however provide a fantastic over funded insurance opportunity at least one that is willing to check balances from an uninfected machine. Is it possible to have the customer verify in at least some titular fashion the monthly transactions via email or even a secure network ala VPN? At some point a trail will be configured and an assessment of the losses suffered totaled , but that glorious day is far off in the future without at least some customers complaining and with no recourse via an uninfected machine the losses mount. One would think that given enough time and the tightening of profitable margins of activity for banks that they might given a bad enough situation actually design something that is secure and use it as a means of providing a service that is different from their competitors, but until that day arrives they follow the path of the herd dictated by the drones of corporate security standards. I await Panama becoming a fulling functioning offshore facility with the OECD Nations breathing down their necks for information, that kind of pressure should spark a Renaissance of sorts in online services that would demand a high degree of security. As it stands now the banks are non-profit extensions of the Central Banks and implement policy of placating the masses via bailouts and loss mitigation with a total lack if regard for the laws regarding credit. Bravo trojan writer everywhere, up the rebels and what not, because the money you steal today is worth half its value in six months and half again by years end. The ultimate hack is the belief in the efficacy of the Central Banks and their coordinated attack again all borrowers and holders of their currencies that they inflate in an orchestrated fashion with hardly anyone noticing via the observance of exchange rates as a measure.

Posted by Jimbo at October 4, 2009 03:27 PM
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