Comments: Audits VI: the wheel spins. Until?

You wrote:
> What's left?

That depends what you want the answer to be, if you are part of the problem you obviously want all the scrapes you can get, to get a bigger pork barrel :)

That's really the wrong question though. I suppose, the problem isn't what's left, the problem is how to prevent greed so there is something left, which, as a most large organisations have died trying in the past to tame fundamental human traits find out sooner or later, generally isn't possible.

This is just the general outcome, when universities stopped being centres for higher learning and started becoming businesses to churn out graduates; who are brain washed in turn from day one that you have to go to university so you aren't digging ditches and so on.

Society in general is to blame for this, from teachers at schools perpetuating myths, to the universities and into business. Unless and until those very basic issues are addressed and we start rewarding hard work nothing will change, it just morphs...

Posted by anon at October 26, 2009 05:23 AM

Let's begin by auditing central banks. Here is a petition online to audit the European Central Bank:

Posted by marco saba at November 14, 2009 08:11 PM
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