Comments: Skype: the gloss is losing its shine

Two experiments seen in the entirely scientific laboratory of own home and life. 1, aggressive siblings at love & war discover how to stop enemy from reading the session. after each tryst with remote secret lover/bf/gf, delete all messages, in Options+Chat+Clear history.

2, noisy bytewise signals in f2k interface (fingers to keyboard) can be signal-analyzed by spies w/ bugs & ears. Analysis separates "idle chatting" from "legitimate work", and also fixes on age and motives of correspondents. Latter extraordinary result is by algorithmic means not yet apparent, but sworn to by spouse in jealous rage. Further research needed, and more grungy old rock needed to drown out the noise of keypressing. Has added benefit of door slamming and relative peace restored.

Posted by Secret Squirrel at January 21, 2009 07:44 AM

I've been procrastinating for too long on this one, but it is high on my TODO list to monitor and log what files and devices skype's client opens during its lifetime. I'll share the results with you as soon as I get them.

Posted by Daniel A. Nagy at January 21, 2009 08:34 AM
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