Comments: Another gold issuer finds himself temporarily unavailable ...

The problem was not his personal control of e-bullion. The problem was that US government goons could lay their hands on a person who personally controlled a lot of other people's gold.

Posted by James A. Donald at August 17, 2008 03:48 AM

Looks like more evidence is needed. Just because someone was able to obtain an American Express card to rent the red SUV photographed leaving the scene of Pam's murder does not necessarily mean it was Jim Fayed who obtained and issued the card. Lots of techo-geeks and slick I.D. thieves have phonied up stuff like this, even to the extent of making counterfeit credit cards in machines which are difficult to tell from the real thing.
I would investigate the thing long and hard before indicting anyone in this, although having been fired, Jim's brother may look more suspect since Jim is the one filed for divorce, not Pamela.
It is very tragic. I often wonder what kind of animal can brutally carve up a woman, especially an attractive woman. Bad enough for men on men to fight, but to overpower and carve up a gal like this- really took some hero, didn't it.

Posted by wayne muller at August 21, 2008 02:43 PM
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