February 14, 2018

when we teach everyone to trust ID documents...

From Queanbeyan, Australia:

Police have issued a warning after a Queanbeyan mother said she let two strangers into her home and presented her infant children to them for inspection, after the pair apparently lied about being from Family and Community Services (FACS).

The two people went to the home in Karabar, just outside of Canberra, on Friday afternoon and presented the mother with identification purportedly from the NSW Government department.

The pair, a man and a woman, claimed they were at the home to check on the welfare of her children, despite the family having had no prior interactions with FACS or police.

The mother said her two six-month-old twins were asleep and she could call the pair when they woke up, however the impostors instead said they would wait at the home until the babies were ready.

Soon after, the mother brought the children to the lounge room to meet the strangers, and the pair checked both the babies and their bedroom before leaving the house.

After the visit aroused the woman's suspicions, she contacted Queanbeyan FACS, which confirmed none of its workers were due to visit the woman.

The male visitor was slim, white and in his 30s, about 183cm tall with dark black hair, while the woman with him was 170cm tall and in her 20s.

She had dark hair with a blonde streak in it, and was wearing a distinctive orange blazer at the time of the visit.

Police urge vigilance in checking IDs

Detective Chief Inspector Neil Grey said the incident was "disturbing", and reminded residents of what to look out for on a government ID.

"FACS have confirmed that all caseworkers in the Southern District carry photo ID with their name, job title and FACS logo," he said.

"The ID that was produced was good enough to fool the young mother into letting them into the house.

"Generally speaking workers from the Department of Family and Community services will ring prior to attending the address anyway."

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