July 10, 2017

EOS - An Introduction

I've written a new paper:

EOS - An Introduction

Abstract: Current technologies for blockchain fall short of providing what developers and end-users need in order to contract together and to build large scale businesses. We propose EOS, a performance-based and self-governing blockchain that provides an operating system for building large-scale consumer-facing distributed applications. This paper outlines the context, vision and software architecture underlying EOS, which we are building to serve a broad and diverse group of users with smart business.

It's located on my papers page at iang.org/papers/EOS_An_Introduction.pdf and will also be on the eos.io site at EOS: An Introduction (eos.io copy). Now also in Russian: EOS — Введение (Ян Григг) (часть 1) & (часть 2) by 🌐 Blockchained. Chinese is coming - don't tell anyone!

Not a lot I can say beyond what's in the paper, and also I'm at the EOS booth and it's taken me 4 hours to get this many words down.

Posted by iang at July 10, 2017 06:08 AM
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