May 12, 2015

Using CommonAccord to build "First Class Persons"

Paraphrasing from James' Twitter storm response to The Sum of All Chains:

A way to organize similarity of "First Class Person" is to build them from objects.

Andrea -> ID_She -> ID_Individual - ID

Andrea -> 55 -> Broadway -> Cambridge -> MA -> USA

which permits an example such as an NDA:

P1-> Acme -SIGN-> Andrea

P2-> Quake -SIGN-> Colleen

(in graph notation). The text is codified in layers as with CSS, as per an example template including work by #CooleyGo and @Emperor_Chan, and stored in GitHub with history.

The proof of the transaction is k=v pairs on the blockchain. The proof of the boilerplate is either on chain or off, as you wish.

If corporations have rights, maybe your fridge should assert some too? Here below is the three tabs of the CommonAccord interface that in this case is asserting the identity of an Internet of Things device (ID-IoT).

Which leaves open - how to manage identity?

Posted by iang at May 12, 2015 07:11 AM
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