July 28, 2013

Iím Still Waiting for My Phone to Become My Wallet

From the humour department, and for those of us who remember the hype of the 1990s over payments, this article from Jenna Wortham is hilarious:

Iím Still Waiting for My Phone to Become My Wallet

DURING the sweltering heat wave earlier this month, it seemed too hot to wear much, carry much or do much of anything at all. Every time I left the house, I tried to figure out where to stuff my bulky wallet. I always had room for my iPhone, even if it meant carrying it in my hand. But the wallet was one thing too many.

A truly mobile wallet ó one that would let you easily pay for restaurant meals, subway rides or beers at a bar with a quick wave of your cellphone ó has long been described as imminent. But it remains elusive. Some innovations have begun to bridge the gap, but most have been a disappointment or have not yet worked well enough for mainstream adoption.


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