June 06, 2008

The Dutch show us how to make money: Peace and Cash Foundation

Sometime around 3 years back, banks started to respond to phishing efforts by putting in checks and controls to stop people sending money. This led to the emergence of a new business model that promised great returns on investment by arbitraging the controls, and has led to the enrichment of many! Now, my friends in NL have alerted me to the NVB's efforts to sell the Dutch on the possibilities.

Welcome to the Peace and Cash Foundation!

A fun few minutes, and even though it is in Dutch, the symbology should be understood. Does anyone have an English translation?

(Okay, you might not see the Peace and Cash Foundation by the time you click on the site, but another generation will be there to help you to well-deserved riches...)

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We have three films running, one of which is in English ; just hit F5 reset to see the next film (Global Foetsjie is in English).

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I won't attempt to translate the spoken spiel, but here's a rough translation of the last page:

Don't allow your bank account to be misused.
A money mule is always caught.

What is a money mule?

A money mule is someone who in exchange for compensation allows his or her bank account to be misused for criminal activities. With your bank account, criminals can namely hide stolen money from the police and the justice department.

How are money mules recruited?

Via internet, spam, or letter. Someone asks you, sometimes with a nice story, whether your bank account may be used to transfer money. They give you account numbers to which the money should be transferred, usually out of the country. You may keep a percentage of the money. This can add up considerably. Quickly earned, therefore! But not really, because...

A money mule is also a criminal!

Bear in mind that a money mule will be caught. The police and the justice department trace which bank accounts are used for channelling of criminal funds. According to the law you are a defrauder. And that can cost you a lot. In this way you can end up behind bars. Your bank will file a report. You will be put on blacklist, with the result that you possibly won't be able to get a mortgage and financial institutions will no longer want to do business with you. Lending out your bank account can thus have very far-reaching consequences.

What should you do?

Very simple: don't fall for it. Does the story seem too good to be true? Then it is! Don't accept the offer and never give out your bank account number!

Posted by: Ray at June 7, 2008 02:57 PM
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