August 28, 2007

Threatwatch: US-SSNs melt for $50 in MacArthur Park

So, having read the HBR case I just wrote about ("nobody else reads the original material they quote, why should I?"), I discovered this numbers gem on the very last page:

Perhaps the most worrying indicator is that the criminal industry for information is growing. I can go to MacArthur Park in Los Angeles any day of the week and get $50 in exchange for a name, social security number, and date of birth. If I bring a longer list of names and details, I walk away a wealthy man.

$50 for ID sets seems very high in these days of phishing, but that may be the price for hand-to-hand delivery and a guarantee of quality. Either way, a data point.

What also strikes is the mention of a physical marketplace. Definitely a novelty! The only thing I know about that place is that it melts in the dark, but it could be that MacArthur Park is simply too large to shut down.

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