August 03, 2006

Payments and Settlements News - No. 42

News and events:

1. European Central Bank – Communication on TARGET2
2. European Commission – Staff Working Document on the Review of the E-money Directive (2000/46/EC)
3. France – Banks upgrade security of EMV cards
4. Portugal – Payments Digitilization Programme “ProDigi” launched
5. Portugal – Electronic purse scheme PMB discontinued
6. The Netherlands/Belgium – Fortis builds European IT platform for retail banking
7. UK – Visa study on “Mystery spending of cash”
8. MasterCard – PayPass launched in Turkey, performance study published
9. United States – Agencies propose rules on identity theft and address discrepancy
10. United States – Turning into a "Debit-Card Nation"
11. United States – Overview of new mobile payment services
12. Canada – Dexit cuts staff; explores sale
13. Brasil – Fujitsu Introduces New Biometric Security Solution for ATMs

Articles, speeches and reports:

1. European Central Bank – Speech by Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell at the European Commission’s Public Hearing on Preliminary Findings of the Retail Banking Sector Inquiry
2. Belgium – Financial Stability Review 2006 by the National Bank of Belgium
3. Germany – Study on payment processing on the internet by ibi research
4. Netherlands – Voice recognition system launched for ABN Amro customers voice recognition system launched for ABN Amro customers
5. ePaynews – SEPA as a “Mixed Bag For Europe's Payment Industry”
6. United States – Survey shows increasing popularity of contactless cards to buy inexpensive items
7. United States – “Is reporting on credit card pricing to the Fed helpful?” An article by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
8. United States – “Prepaid Cards: An Important Innovation in Financial Services” An article by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
9. United States – “Domain-Based Phishing Attacks on the Rise”
10. Arthur D. Little – “Mobile payments set for tenfold rise”
11. United States – “Web freebies are mobile moneymakers”
12. Externalities and Regulation in Card Payment Systems

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