July 19, 2006

ePSO - european Payments and Settlements News - No 41

Payments and Settlements News - No. 41

News and events:

  1. European Central Bank - The Eurosystem is evaluating opportunities to provide settlement services for securities transactions
  2. European Commission - Newsletters and meeting minutes of the EU Fraud Prevention Expert Group
  3. European Commission - 5 July the Member States are called upon to sign the Hague Securities Convention
  4. Hague Convention - United States and Switzerland first to sign Hague Treaty
  5. Google Checkout opens for business
  6. Australia - A new report table by Australia's House of Representatives economics committee has called for the introduction of chip and PIN technology to replace the current signature-based card payment

Articles, speeches and reports:

  1. European Central Bank - Ms. Tumpel-Gugerell's speech at the m-payment conference in Brussels on 29 June
  2. European Commission - Speech by Commissioner Charlie McCreevy: "Clearing and settlement: The way forward"
  3. European Commission - Public hearing on competition in retail banking on 17 July
  4. European Payments Council - Making SEPA a Reality, 28 June 2006
  5. United Kingdom - Financial Stability Report, Issue 20, July 2006
  6. Latvia - Financial Stability Report 2/2005, available in English
  7. United Kingdom - Welfare benefits of stable and efficient payment systems, July 2006
  8. Euroclear - Annual report 2005
  9. EuroCommerce - Annual Report 2005, Action Plan 2006
  10. Financial Services Subgroup - Competition issues in retail banking and payment systems markets in the EU
  11. ACI Worldwide - Global Electronic Payments Market Study and Forecast
  12. Australia - Working paper, Cost and benefits of alternative payment instruments in Australia by S. Lancy and I. Harper
  13. First Data - SEPA deadlines are a significant banking industry challenge

Payments and Settlements News is prepared by the ePSO team at the European Central Bank. If you have any comments or suggestions for the next newsletter, please send them to psnewsletter-at-ecb.dot.int.

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