January 01, 2006

Rights in the New Year

Pennies for the New Year: An effort to document the ontology of the Rights layer:

Anonymity, Unlinkability, Unobservability,Pseudonymity, and Identity Management - A Consolidated Proposal for Terminology (Version v0.24 Nov. 21, 2005)

Also, IFCA have published their list of accepted papers for FC06 in Anguilla this February. Unfortunately, there are no abstracts posted that I saw, so titles only for the browsing.

From the real estate / property market, someone has taken on the brave step of offering individual issuance capabilities to house owners.

Todd points at an interesting paper on accounting for p2p systems with the goal of distributed accounting:

PeerMint: Decentralized and Secure Accounting for Peer-to-Peer Applications

Abstract. P2P-based applications like file-sharing or distributed storage benefit from the scalability and performance of completely decentralized P2P infrastructures. However, existing P2P infrastructures like Chord or Pastry are vulnerable against selfish and malicious behavior and provide currently little support for commercial applications. There is a need for reliable mechanisms that enable the commercial use of P2P technology, while maintaining favorable scalability properties. PeerMint is a completely decentralized and secure accounting scheme which facilitates market-based management of P2P applications. The scheme applies a structured P2P overlay network to keep accounting information in an efficient and reliable way. Session mediation peers are used to minimize the impact of collusion among peers. A prototype has been implemented as part of a modular Accounting and Charging system to show PeerMintís practical applicability. Experiments were performed to provide evidence of the schemeís scalability and reliability.

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