November 06, 2005

ACM Interactions - special issue on Security

Submissions Deadline: February 1st, 2006
Publications Issue: May+June 2006 Issue
PDF: here but please note that it causes lockups.

Interactions is published bi-monthly by the Association for Computer Machinery (ACM) for designers of interactive products. It is a magazine that balances articles written for professionals and researchers alike providing broad coverage of topics relevant to the HCI community.

The May+June 2006 issue of Interactions is dedicated to the user experience around security in information systems. Designing systems that are both secure and usable offers unique challenges to interaction designers. System complexity, user acceptance and compliance, and decisions about protection versus convenience all factor into the design process and resulting effectiveness of security systems in the hands of users.

Interactions invites authors to submit case studies and articles related to the security user experience. Papers should be written in a reader-friendly magazine style and tone as opposed to a conference proceedings or journal style (no abstracts, appendicies, etc).

Relevant contributions will address issues related, but not limited to, the following:

  • Interaction design of systems with usable security and user trust as primary goals
  • Innovative methods for conducting user experience evaluations on user trust or security systems
  • Novel user interfaces or interaction methods for security systems
  • Basic principles of psychology of user-security interaction
  • Best practices and interaction guidelines in the design of secure and trustworthy systems
  • Field research related to user-security interaction in the wild
  • Social and/or philosophical issues related to security, trust, and the user experience

Interactions invites papers in the following two formats:

  1. Case Studies 7-9 pages. Case Studies are reports on experiences gained and lessones learned designing, using, or studying security components/systems or techniques. They take a comprehensive view of a problem from requirements analysis through design, implementation, and use.
  2. Articles 1-3 pages. Articles are much shorter and broader case studies and may present research findings, points of view, social or philosophical inquiries, novel interface designs, or other information relevant to the HCI community regarding security and the user experience.

Papers that appear in Interactions are archived in the ACM Digital Library and available online. The Special Issue on Security will appear in the May+June 2006 issue of Interactions and the deadline for submissions is February 1st, 2006.

For more information about submission guidelines or appropriate topics, contact

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