October 13, 2005

Conferences coming up... and this weekend is Pooool

Conferences coming up soon - close of submission dates, in order of how close they are:

If anybody has any others specifically for FC style topics let me know. * means I added it after first blog posting.

If you are in Austria over the next couple of weekends, check out Pooool in Vienna's Museum Quarter. It's an open event that brings together an interesting polymath crowd of artists, business and software people to explore how to better match artistic needs to business needs and the technology of the net.

DRM in other words, but done from the point of view of sharing not exploiting. The difference between this attempt and others is that they are looking far deeper into property rights as agreements, and agreements as tradeable financial instruments for others like monies, and trading as market places for acquiring and creating new work. I've been asked to put my contracts experience into the mix, and it's a challenging project.

(If I find the link I'll post it, elsewise just read below for the full programme.)

Optical Machines for the New Collecting Society - Expo to the Future
october 8th to 23rd 2005
daily from 10a.m. to 10p.m
free entrance

Invitation for the creative culture, art colleges, advanced technical colleges, universities and cultural enterprises.

In the halls of the Museum Quarter's Freiraum pooool plays offers the first Expo for visualists, Users, research and developing institutions, art and culture enterprises as well as companies!

The areas of activity for the visual arts are infinite.
The exiting realm of visual media has scarcely begun!!
Where is the creative potential? Where are we going? What are the technical possibilities? How can the art-form be relevant for society? Where is the long-term advantage?

During the 10 days of this globally unique event pooool offers a survey of the diverse new forms of the Visual Arts and will inform through presentations, discussions and by experience and practice oriented exhibits. The utilization of the Visual Arts is advancing intensively the world over. Conscious awareness and commercial marketing obviously lag behind this progression.

With this Expo pooool will open a barely investigated universe. Get prepared.

pooool plays Incentive and Participation Program

You can register to join or participate in both group and individual presentations. Themes:
• visual media products, techniques and artists
• the diversity of products for mobile devices
(mobil phones, PDAs, MP3, 3GP..)
• experience applied examples for semi-public and public space.
(facades, interiors, Info-screens, visual wallpaper ...)
• Join the pool platform and participate! Upload your material to the pool data-archive. Bring your analog or digital visuals to the Expo!
• Perform with us! Work on and modify the visual material in the pooool databank or project on an architecture model. (A gigantic architecture model is available.)

Or you are looking for communication and would like to participate in
• exchanging experience and content with the local and international Visual Arts Scene
• gaining contact to artists and cultural institutions
• joining panel and round-table discussions, giving lectures on selected subjects

pooool podium
Especially the cultural and artistic aspects are of growing in importance for the future. Legal questions need to be clarified, contextual and commercial collaborations promoted and above all qualitative socio-political standards need evolve, that are not only serve public interests, but the artists as well. pool podium offers a broad discussion forum to this purpose.

Block 1 Visualists - october 9./10./11. sunday-tuesday

Monday 10.10./19h pooool Presentation and Discussion
Platform :: Archive, Label & Community
Julia Zdarsky MagArt. pooool co-founder and visualist from the very first.

Tuesday 11.10./ Phemos Lecture
Existing Technologies and Future Perspectives ::

Block 2 Publicities - october 14./15./16. friday-sunday

Friday 14.10. / 16h Lecture Followed by Discussion
inverted panopticum
Thomas Fürstner, Prof. University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Digital Arts
Oliver Bertram, Ass. Prof.. University of Applied Arts, Vienna

Monday 17.10/19 h pooool Campfire Winding ways through copyright and exploitation
Where are the approaches to fair exploitation models and clear copyright situations? We will address these questions within the scope of c-pooool.

Found around the campfire are
Elisabeth Vlasaty (Lawyer)
Roland Alton-Scheidl (International media group / cooperative)
Andreas Trawöger (Free Software Foundation)
Robert Stachel (Community TV Vienna)
Georg Pleger (Creative Commons Vienna, invited)

Block 3 Clients & Customers - october 21./22./23., friday-sunday

registrar for program placement, group/individual presentations and participants:

Melissa Saavedra +43 / 699 / 10752218

pooool is a departure promoted project

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The Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST,http://www.first.org/) has issued a call for papers for its 2006 Annual Conference, to be held June 25-30 in Baltimore, MD.

CfP details at: http://www.first.org/conference/2006/papers.html

Posted by: Chris Walsh at October 13, 2005 04:57 PM

Two conferences are coming up in St. Petersburg, Russia:

Included in the list of topics are
- Network Security
- Pricing, charging and accounting for Wireless Technologies
which are definitely interesting from an FC point of view.
Submission deadline: Jan 16, 2006

Eurocrypt. I think, there's no need to introduce this one.
Ms. Xiaoyun Wang is expected to present her group's newest results on SHA1 collisions and countermeasures.
Submission deadline: Nov 30, 2005

Posted by: Daniel A. Nagy at October 14, 2005 10:31 AM
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