March 10, 2005


Small things I have come across recently:

Vonage chooses VeriSign's managed subpoena service!. See NetDiscovery one and two for background.

Adam points to a new security blog called Be Careful Out There. He suggests that browsers need to change and takes aim at security gurus. His claim that the RSA conference is a Solipsistic Oligopoly resonates with Adam's pointer to this post on Own OODA Observation Loops comment.

In the financial applications world, JPM points at Zopa which claims to be the first lending and borrowing exchange. How, one asks, is this going to work without a qualification of the borrower? And if that is unanswered, how much can I borrow!

Another payment niche player in the remittances business. This is something that's sitting there waiting to go, the majors are too fat and stuck in their ways and will get shaken down.

Threats department: IM threats growing 50% per month, Luckily these are unstandardised and disparate systems, so they can migrate and evolve. Oh, and Choicepoint made the Economist with What's in a name?. Congrats, I think.

Finally, Senge on learning says that too little listening is done, and info without learning is wasted. After reading, there will be a test...

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The fat cats are coming late but with large war chest full of dosh. In the mean time folks in groups like Open alliance and Micrsofts DRM are trying to box the whole shooting match up. They are attempting to make everything else foolish to even to propose. In the end they will fall short however because they are holding a hand that cannot win. They no longer fit into an open source consumer driven commerce enviroment. So what makes me so sure this will happen? My sense tells me that the upper classes are not paying retail for anything if they can avoid it and removal of the middleman and his fees is a start. There are too many people online for any one company or standard to govern beyond the publics acceptane. They will try legal means to enforce a monopoly and this will fail. Eventually they will be removed from FC, transactions, and legalized monopolies. So sell short Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, Bank of New York, Citicorp, and any other firm that holds a monopoly on a particular sector of the economy. Warren Buffet will have nothing to do because he can only bet on large macro moves driven by regulatory corruption. The value added to the consumer will govern eventually and leave Wall Street in the dust since people will purchase assets that are unsold by high pressure salesmen. It will be a dark ages of sorts when Rome fell it was because their fee structure created friction to commerce and the flow changed. The US economic miracle is over and probably was way before the Dotcom Boom. I seems that the fat cats are staging another raid on the public trust but each time the public grows smarter and will eventually leave the fat cats domain. At the current time the US grows enough vegtable oil to sustain its economy via diesel engine. The need for imported oil is growing into a crisis and peanuts might be the answer. The inventor of the Diesel created the engine for small manufacturers so they might compete with large manufacturers who had access to electricity. The first diesel engine was designed to run on peanut oil. In the end this dark age will bring smaller producers of goods and services with no need for banks and large global arrays of providers. Good bye to laying our lives down for imported oil hello agriland as the most viable resource. Now watch the fat cats try to control farm land and claim the right to burn peanut oil exclusively.

Posted by: Jimbo at March 10, 2005 09:02 PM
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